The popularity of schizophrenia is given by the unknown facts regarding this affection. It is hard to tell how a schizophrenic patient sees the world, but they also have a lot of moments of clarity, so they often explain it themselves. The affection can be devastating for the relatives, but also for the one suffering from it. However, a good treatment can ensure a decent job. Moreover, the uncertain factors about this disease have given a lot of people the possibility to come up with their own ideas and claims.

Famous quotes on schizophrenia

Raymond Holder once said that schizophrenia occurs when personalities from past lies and memories of past spirits get inside your body and try to control it. He made the statement in “The Antichrist Training Manual”. It sounds like a good theory for those who believe in reincarnation and spirits, but also a funny and interesting one for those who believe in science.

Other than that, R.D. Laing came up with a deeper quote when he affirmed that schizophrenia cannot be understood without understanding despair. When the other universe is too negative, despair simply steps into the process as well. When you know how it feels, you can easily tell how schizophrenic patients feel too.