There is are a numerous amounts of different treatments for Schizophrenia. Although, since scientists and researchers still don’t know the root of the whole illness many treatments mainly focus on eliminating the symptoms of the disease instead. One of the treatments available is called Psychosocial Treatments. These treatments can help people who are already taking antipsychotic medication. They help these people deal with the everyday life challenges they normally have an issue with. For instance, it helps with communication, self-care, work, and building and maintaining relationships with the people around them. People who take these treatments are more likely to keep using their medications and less likely to relapse. Another treatment is called Illness Management, where the patient learns how to manage their illness on their own. Learning the basic facts about their illness helps them determine good decision-making by themselves. Rehabilitation programs are commonly used among patients with Schizophrenia for several reasons. They include job management, money management, help with public transportation, and how to communication with people properly. Programs like these help people with Schizophrenia hold jobs, remember important information better, and improve how they function from day to day life. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is all available to these patients. This type of therapy focuses on testing their reality of their thoughts and perceptions. It teaches them how to “not listen” to their voices and how to manage their overall symptoms.