Although the word Schizophrenia is less than one hundred years old, it has a history and it was first identified by Dr. Kraepelin in 1887 as a discrete mental illness. Despite his findings in 1887 the illness itself is believed to have followed humans throughout mankind’s history. The oldest description of this mental disorder or something close like it can be found in the Ebers Papyrus, which is dated back to Egypt of 1550 B.C. In past times this disorder was not thought of as an illness but as a form of demonic possession. In 1883, Dr. Kraepelin wrote a book called, Psychiatric Compendium. This book related mental dysfunction with physical causes. He was the first person to bring together information on describing and classifying mental illnesses and abnormal behaviors. In 1911, a Swiss psychiatrist names Eugen Bleuler introduced the word Schizophrenia. He decided this name to reflect key features of the illness’s effect on the individuals thought processes. He thought of the disease as a “splitting of the mind” from reality. Bleuler believed that Schizophrenia was a combination of multiple diseases, which during his time went against all generally accepted beliefs. Today’s medical research studies have provided evidence that Schizophrenia has much to do with brain damage being a significant causing factor. There are no strong findings that support that the mental illness is purely a psychological problem, but there are strong factors.