diagnosisThe following are the diagnostic criteria for determining if a person has schizophrenia.

A. Characteristic Symptoms Of Schizophrenia Disorder : When two or more of these symptoms exist for a certain or significant amount of time the first month or less depending on if it was treated.

-Incoherent Speech
-Disorganized Behavior
-Negative Symptoms

B. Social/ Occupational Dysfunction: When there has been a significant disturbance within a relationship or work setting. Also deals with a pause in self-care.

C. Duration: When said issues or disturbances last for six months or longer. When the person is manifested negatively with the following symptoms in section A.

D. Schizoaffective and Mood Disorder Illusion: When psychotic features have been ruled out because they show no form of major depression or manic.

E. Substance/ General Medical Condition Exclusion: When the illness is not due to any use of drug substance that would cause any psychological problems.

F. The Relationship To A Pervasive Development Disorder: If there is a relation to Autistic Disorder or any other Pervasive Development Disorder, it is a must that the Schizophrenic symptoms have lasted at least a month to rightly diagnose.

The above symptoms are meant to point out Schizophrenia in general. The next step is to properly disclaim which sub-type the patient would fall under.